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Vinyl Seat Paint and Touch Up Paint

Our Seat Color Spray comes in 31 colors. We also have Touch Up Sprays for metal surfaces of the bus. There are 6 colors available for interior walls, 5 colors in School Bus Yellow, and also the black for the trim.

Paint can be ordered in any quantity. A full case of paint contains 12 cans.





Liquid Vinyl

Liquid Vinyl is used to make repairs with a heat gun and generally makes the repair stronger than the original seat cover.  This product dries clear and can be used on any color of vinyl.  Once the repair is made just spray the matching seat color over the repair!

We offer five sizes of Liquid Vinyl:

4 oz, 8 oz, 16 oz, 32 oz, and 5 gallons

New to our business is our Tinted Liquid Vinyl; this product makes repairs possible using little to no Vinyl Seat Paint.  We currently have Blue Bird/Thomas/International Blue and Blue Bird/Thomas/International Gray available.

Part Numbers:

#70032 – 32 oz   #70016 – 16 oz   #70008 – 8 oz

#70004 – 4 oz   #7005G – 5 gallons

#70032GY – 32 oz Gray  #70016GY – 16 oz Gray

#70032BE – 32 oz Blue  #70016BE – 16 oz Blue


Sizes shown in photo: 32 oz, 16 oz, 8 oz



Repair Kits

The Worldwide Vinyl Repair Kit comes with everything needed to make seat repairs. Included is an 8 oz jar of liquid vinyl, 3 cans of seat color and/or touch-up spray (mix and match), 2 grain patterns (your choice), heat gun, instructional cd, roll of seat tape (any color), scissors, applicator knife, and SDS sheets all inside a toolbox for your convenience.  Part #60004




Grain Patterns

Grain Patterns are used to recreate the original texture of your bus seats once repairs have been made.  They are made from a high quality rubber/silicone and will last through many, many seat repairs.  Our available patterns are pictured below along with the part number.






Seat Tape

Seat Tape is used for quick, temporary repairs of tears.

Available colors are:

#512BE – Blue, #512GN – Green, #512MN – Maroon, #512GY – Gray, #512BN – Brown, #512BL – Black

Full case orders (16 rolls – mix and match) qualify for FREE SHIPPING!




Vinyl Weld

Vinyl Weld is a clear brush on cement for repairing smaller cuts.

Part numbers and sizes:

#50017-04  4 oz

#50017-08  8 oz

#50017-16  16 oz




Graffiti Remover

Our Graffiti Remover comes in a convenient 8 oz pump spray bottle.




To place an order, or if you have any questions, please Email us at parts.wwvinyl@gmail.com or Call 800.642.5456